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CTE and Herschel Walker: the problem with politicizing science

Despite his campaign being punctuated by the typical kind of controversy in American politics in the 2020s, one sordid example being the revelation that the self-proclaimed “pro-life” Walker paid a mistress to get an abortion, the most unique aspect of his campagin is not political, but neurological.

College Democrats and Republicans Debate over Issues ahead of Elections

On Thursday, Oct. 27, the University of Miami’s Democratic and Republican campus organizations faced off in a live debate at the Donna E. Shalala Student Center and was organized by the University’s Debate Club and sponsored by Get Out the Vote. The “candidates” debated the topics of immigration, the electoral college and climate change.

UHealth opens satellite facility in Doral

“Our new Doral location provides specialty care services, including hematology oncology, medical oncology, stem cell transplantation and private infusion bays with future services on the horizon,” director of the Doral satellite office Janice Sanchez said.

The Normalization of Surveillance Technology Should Worry All of Us

The Amazon-owned Ring doorbell and home security system is one of the most common examples of how surveillance manifests itself as a constant and casual presence in modern life.

Quiet Start to 2022 Hurricane Season Should Not Deter UM Students From Emer...

As storms Fiona and Hermine have hit the Caribbean, every Miami resident knows that hurricane season could potentially bring about catastrophe. For decades, not just Miamians but Floridians in general have become used to the routine of boarding up windows, buying canned goods and preparing for the worst.

Medicare Coverage for Gender-Affirming Healthcare Saves Trans Lives

The topic of transgender rights has rapidly become hotly contested talking point in national and global politics within the last decade. In Florida, policies related to transgender issues, especially those affecting transgender minors, have sparked intense debate.

Doral protest against Desantis’ ‘Educational Agenda Tour’...

On Tuesday, Aug. 21, South Florida residents gathered outside the Metro-Dade Firefighters Local 1403 in Doral to protest the first stop in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ controversial Educational Agenda Tour. Although the primary goal of the protest was to express grievances with the Governor’s education policies, other issues such as his postions on abortion rights and transgender healthcare were addressd by the protestors.

Fabian Carrera raises disability awareness, pays tribute to Ecuador through...

On April 2 —during his performance that marked the end of National Disability Awareness Month — Carrera, 52, completed the first phase of his Doctor of Music Arts (DMA) degree, which consists of three recitals held over three years. While his skillful performance would be a triumph for any musician, Carrera’s recital is particularly significant as it marks yet another victory over the difficult odds dealt to him during childhood.

Miami housing prices hit record high, UM students anxious

Supply chain disruptions, the continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising gas prices have significantly raised the cost of living across the country. In South Florida, these new costs are coupled with a steep increase in housing prices. In their Feb. 2022 rental report, Realtor.com called Miami the “least affordable rent market” in the U.S. UM students are feeling the implications of this drastic change.

Students delighted as Hug the Lake tradition returns for first time since 2...

UM’s beloved Earth Day tradition known as Hug the Lake was held last Friday for the first time since  before the pandemic in 2019. 

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