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May 25 , 2024

Students go all out — or not at all — for Halloween redux

But many students are keeping the Halloween spirit alive this semester with fun, on-campus events and programming, including Canes Night Live’s “Halloweentown,” UBS’ “Halloween Thump,” the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in the Shalala ballrooms and a “Trick-or-Tunes” concert and horror movie screening.

Study abroad resumes fall trips, kickstarts new UBarcelona Program

After canceling all study abroad arrangements for more than a year, the Study Abroad Office has reinstated a select number of programs for the fall semester and is expanding offerings for the spring.

Rod Wave gets personal, political on ‘Pray 4 Love’

The album does not feel like it was devised for the Hot 100 charts or to satisfy some TikTok craze, but rather was Rod divulging his own truth…. however painful it may be.

Black History Month is not Flaming Hot Month

As I sat and listened to the black workers justify why they were serving me Hot Cheetos with mac and cheese, I felt transported into the world of "Get Out."

Brent Faiyaz discusses dichotomies of life on new album, ‘F**k the Wo...

With no features, the singer is chartering his own path in creating sounds that transcend stereotypical, constricting notions of what music black individuals are expected to make.

Julian Crosby