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May 28 , 2024

Students interact with recruiters, learn about employment opportunities at ...

“It is at this point in your life when employers come to you and meet you where you are at. This does not happen when you graduate and move on.”

Omega Psi Phi promotes values, black culture

“I feel like a lot of times in this life, it is easy to make superficial friends or people who we don’t trust, and it is really hard to find a genuine bond. To have the security with my fraternity brothers, no matter what is going on, I will always have people who are there for me—support me, mentally, emotionally, financially and physically.”

Hurricane Dorian missed Puerto Rico, but many students remain fearful

“If we get hit with another hurricane, the island is going to be full of destruction."

Summer study abroad programs open doors to new experiences

“Interacting with new cultures has helped me be more curious about the world and left me wanting to learn more about the people around me.”

UM’s underground lab: Are clear fish a clue to understanding Autism?

“Zebrafish, as a model organism, allow the scientific community to explore the uniqueness of marine model organisms compared to their terrestrial counterparts."

Use of dating apps becoming more prevalent among students

Tinder and Bumble have provided a platform for people to meet and connect in the digital age. At the university level, it has altered and facilitated the dating scene.

Juan Carlos Ramirez