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April 12 , 2024

Band of the Hour embodies school’s unwavering spirit

Started by Walter E. Shaeffer in 1933 and currently under the direction of Thomas Keck, the University of Miami’s Band of the Hour represents nearly every academic major on campus and every state in the country.

Smartphones reign at UM

While most college students have cellphones, smartphone holders are on the rise. Smartphones, mobile phone that offers advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality and personal digital a...

Technology Product Center referees computer battles

In the right corner, weighing in at 5.8 pounds, we have the Dell Latitude D630. In the left corner, starting at three pounds, we have a Mac. Whether at class, the library, or just walking around, l...

Upgrades to campus wireless network, UPrint could go wireless in future

Not long ago, microwaving a bag of popcorn in your dorm room interfere with your Internet connection. Recently, the University of Miami has upgraded the wireless network on campus for the fourth time.

Ileana Hernandez

Contributing News Writer