Technology Product Center referees computer battles

In the right corner, weighing in at 5.8 pounds, we have the Dell Latitude D630. In the left corner, starting at three pounds, we have a Mac.

Whether at class, the library, or just walking around, laptops are popping open all throughout campus, but what model is the best for a University of Miami college student?

“The most important question when shopping for a computer is not Mac or PC, but what software will you need to run? This is why we ask students to check with their college/school/program on what software they will be required to use,” said Amado Salazar, manager of the Technology Product Center. “This will make the decision on which hardware they should consider and ultimately purchase easier.”

The Technology Product Center sells discounted models of Hewlett Packards, Apples, and Dells along with software to students, faculty, and staff at UM.

In 2008, approximately 260 individuals used the educational pricing offer by the TPC to purchase their computer system, according to Salazar.

The Technical Product Center has put up a new Web site that shows all the information for laptops with your student discount. The Web site can be viewed at

The site is easy to browse through and offers everything from laptop suggestions to quotes. All you need is your CaneID and password.