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Saturday, July 13, 2024
July 13 , 2024

The inside guide to UMiami

You’ve made it to campus and have already taken the standard tour that highlights the academic buildings, where the library is, and where students play sports. But did you get the REAL tour of the University of Miami? Have you been exposed to the best “ARRSE” on campus? That’s right, you’ve got to know the best “Areas to Relax, Romance, Study and Eat.”

Professor changes world for the better

Sherri Porcelain, a lecturer at the department of international studies, has spent a lifetime helping others.

Easy ride, or easy way to be taken for a ride?

Newly launched Canes Notes claims to provide students a way to party without academic repercussions, providing access to a database of notes for a multitude of classes... but are they all they claim to be?

Chhaya Nene

Contributing Columnist