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October 4 , 2023

The inside guide to UMiami

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You’ve made it to campus and have already taken the standard tour that highlights the academic buildings, the library and where students play sports.

But did you get the REAL tour of the University of Miami?  Have you been exposed to the best “ARRSE” on campus?  That’s right, it’s time you get to know the best “Areas to Relax, Romance, Study and Eat.”

So you made it through the first few days of school, and it’s the weekend! Time to relax.

While most people run to the pool or the intramural fields, they tend to forget the Edward T. Foote II University Green in front of the library. It’s a great place to stretch out, take a power nap or just to soak up some sun without the normal crowd. Or if movies are your thing, head over to the Bill Cosford Cinema in the Dooley Memorial Building. It offers at least two completely free movies a week!

The weekend can also be a time for romance. If you aren’t heading to South Beach or Key Biscayne, then sitting by our Lake Osceola is always an option. The palm trees surrounding the lake allow for hammocks, and on those breezy nights with clear skies you can always hear someone serenading passers-by with their guitar-  romantic, right?

If you truly want somewhere special, try the “pit.” Hidden by the arboretum, many people miss it, but it’s literally a part of campus that looks like it has been scooped out. With a couple of chairs and a table, the pit is a great place to “talk.”

You survived the weekend and it’s Monday afternoon: welcome to Club Richter (a.k.a. the Otto G. Richter Library). You’ll have several different places to study whether it’s the social first floor or the second floor where you can reserve a room for a small group. There are also the infamous stacks! Whether you’re exploring anatomy or history, this portion of the library is a secluded place where some serious “work” gets done.

Perhaps you’re cramming for an exam and can’t make it to the library but you need a place to study. Try the tables in the School of Communication Courtyard or the ones lining the wall behind the Ashe Administration Building (they’re never crowded). If you want a more scenic area, check out the Frost School of Music Marta and Austin Weeks Library that overlooks the lake. And if you like the comfort of your own room, there are plenty of study rooms in the dorms themselves.

Food is an essential part of college life. After weeklong trips to the dining halls, you’ll want a change. On campus, there’s the semi-hidden Subway in the School of Law and in the food court, try Niko’s, Sushi Maki or Jamba Juice. There’s also the ever-popular “Rat,” or the Rathskeller, where every Cane must dine at least once!

If you’d like to venture off campus, minutes away you’ll find Pizza Rustica (6800 SW 57 Ave.), Sunset Place (check out the area around the mall for some awesome picks like Outback, RA Sushi and Carrabba’s Italian Grill) and Denny’s, which offers UM students a discount and much, much more.

Chhaya Nene may be contacted at cnene@themiamihurricane.com.

Chhaya Nene
Contributing Columnist

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