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“Crush fitness goals: Harness community power for New Year success!”

Coach Alicia McIntosh (center) with attendees at her Empower Her women's event on Dec. 3, 2023.
Coach Alicia McIntosh (center) with attendees at her Empower Her women's fitness event on Dec. 2, 2023. Photo credit: Arianna Martinucci @photossbyari

Accomplishing ambitious New Year’s Resolutions can feel unattainable without practical steps, but joining communities with like-minded individuals can help in reaching these 2024 goals.

Kickstarting healthy new year habits, health and fitness coach Alicia McIntosh had community wellness in mind when she hosted a women’s empowerment fitness event called “Empower Her” on Dec. 2, 2023.

“I wanted to create an authentic space where we can connect while bringing businesses together, highlighting women who are locally owned like myself,” said the women’s coach of 8 years. “I came up with this concept by thinking of how to get these groups of women together — network, connect, socialize and possibly use each others’ resources.”

Innovative workouts like HIIT Pilates and Yoga had the room sweating in style, while refreshments from catering company Tangible Delights awaited the hardworking ladies of Miami.

Keana Almonte, the event curator’s vision was to highlight the vendors’ unique talents as they were “able to cultivate their own paths in terms of their brands as it aligns with the overall vision of women’s health and wellness.”

Female vendors gathered in the lobby of Mindspace, an office space and event venue. Denise Katz — the owner, designer, and CEO of Escala activewear and swimwear — presented a colorful array of backpacks, fanny packs, visors and more.

The ambitious entrepreneur has designed uniforms for Jamaica’s Bobsled Team in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, as well as garments worn by Miss Jamaica and Miss South Africa.

Escala translates to “ladder,” a symbolic reflection of the company values that uplift women.

“You have to keep climbing one step at a time, and even if you have to come down the stairs for whatever reason, you’re still looking up,” Katz said.

Kaptivating Krystals, an authentic crystals and waistbeads business, prides itself in allowing customers to create their own destinies rather than handpicking styles for them. CEO Koala notes that this process allows customers to trust in themselves and release codependent behavior.

“Ultimately, you know exactly what it is you need. If you just take a moment to be still and listen to your higher self, it’s going to call to you immediately,” Koala said. “What’s more empowering than knowing that you’re the creator of your own life?”

I walked away from this experience feeling motivated, inspired and ready to tackle my personal goals by becoming more involved in my community. Finding a group of people in your area who share similar goals will undoubtedly inspire you to achieve them. Make 2024 the year that you conquer those New Year’s Resolutions!

If interested in immersing yourself in a women’s fitness community in Miami, feel free to keep up with Empower Her on Instagram @empowerherevent for the next workout wellness event.

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