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REVIEW: Jonas Brothers “The Tour”

Jonas Brothers perform at their 4th of July Show taping in Cleveland, Ohio on June 27, 2021.
Jonas Brothers perform at their 4th of July Show taping in Cleveland, Ohio on June 27, 2021. Photo credit: Erik Drost, via Wikimedia Commons

American pop rock band, The Jonas Brothers, played their hit songs from across the years, complete with smoke machines and other special effects. On Oct. 14, the sibling trio played the Kaseya Center as another stop on their tour, “Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour” — or “The Tour.”

With the release of their second studio album in 2007 titled “Jonas Brothers,” the boy band was launched into stardom as the album went platinum, selling over two million copies in the U.S. alone. Although the group split in 2013, they promoted their reunion in 2019 over social media and the release of their album “Happiness Begins.”

At around 7:30 p.m., the pop-soul group Lawrence opened the show, playing newly released singles as well as their most successful songs from years prior. The New York City-based sibling duo of Gracie and Clyde Lawrence put on a lively performance filled with color, amping up the audience for the Jonas Brothers.

As the crew of background dancers took the stage, the audience’s cheers grew increasingly louder as smoke machines slowly revealed the brothers as they came up from the stage.

They began with “Celebrate!” from their latest album, which gathered much excitement from fans as they prepared to sing along to the band’s hits.

As they transitioned between albums, the brothers talked about the challenges they faced trying to expand themselves as a band throughout their music career.

As they recounted both the good and the hard times, they ultimately said they had their fans to thank for their success and for shaping who they are today.

One of the most memorable parts of their performance was when they played nostalgic songs from their earlier years such as “When You Look Me in the Eyes” and “Burnin’ Up.” They also played their Billboard Hot 100 number one single “Sucker,” which was the group’s first single released a day after they announced their reunion in 2019.

The group shocked the audience when member Nick Jonas played his hit song “Jealous,” which he released in 2014 as a solo artist. The performance continued to subvert expectations by bringing on former band DNCE — which consisted of Joe Jonas as lead singer — to sing its song “Cake by the Ocean.”

From leading the audiences in sing-alongs to bringing back the passion that fueled so many of their past hits, The Jonas Brothers showed Miami that they care about their fans and the legacy they will leave behind.

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