How to prepare for a funeral

“Mama Raised A Snitch” was labeled a hit piece of rumors and gossip.

But, it is now an undisputed fact that members of Greek Life have engaged in anti-social distancing, anti-masking and anti-human attitudes and behaviors.

My last piece regarding this garnered so much attention and anger, directed at both myself and Greek Life, yet nothing has changed. Articles written by other members of The Miami Hurricane staff have also amassed the same reaction to fall upon deaf ears.

So, we must prepare for a funeral.

Who’s funeral? Some would argue that Greek Life is on the verge of abolition.

It’s not.

Administration decided to hand out a few cease and desist orders alongside some pancakes, but what does that even mean?

A cease and desist directive means that a chapter must stop all organizational activities and can no longer meet in any capacity – officially or unofficially – while the university investigates the chapter. In other words, it means jack sh*t unless they are actually penalized.

While I think there should be consequences, I do not support the abolition of Greek Life. I can appreciate a space where young people can cultivate leadership skills, gain a sense of social identity and participate in philanthropy.

However, let me be clear. I will not tolerate nor be polite to people who fail to find any compassion within themselves and choose to endanger the lives of everyone around them. I don’t see a reason to.

Others would counter that The Hurricane’s journalistic merit is at stake for their use of anonymous sources and further investigation into the seemingly never-ending, in-your-face partying by Greek Life.

I’ve never heard of so many frat boys concerned about consent until The Hurricane didn’t ask their permission to publish an article regarding their extracurricular activities.

But, what do you expect? I don’t think people realize how disheartening it is to sift through story after story of students behaving this way. It is jarring to see my fellow Canes care more about their temporary happiness than other people’s lives.

I am so frustrated at the fact that COVID-19 has driven home the reality that Greek Life exists in a completely different world than the greater University of Miami community.

Administration would rather punish the many for the sins of the few.

Innocent residents on campus are unable to enjoy small pleasures such as eating at the f**king dining hall. Students with autoimmune disorders are too afraid to even leave their room causing depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.

Obviously, not ALL members of Greek Life are partying. As well as, not ALL of administration would rather turn a blind eye. Still, we must face the reality that “the concerning positivity rates among Greek organizations,” as said by Daddy Frenk, are no coincidence. If anything is going to change, we need members from both Greek Life and administration to actually start making a stronger effort to put a stop to this.

I am blessed that I have not lost anyone close to me to COVID-19, and I am unable to appropriately express my remorse for those who have.

Regardless of whether you care about the fact that people are dropping dead from COVID-19, it is still ravaging everyone’s lives. If you cannot bring yourself to find enough empathy to understand that this is the reality of millions of people who are indirectly affected by this, in addition to the people who are directly affected or even dead, you need to do whatever it takes to fix yourself so that you can become somebody who cares.

Canes Care For Canes? Maybe they actually would if I were six feet under.