A very COVID-19 Valentine’s

It’s hard to be single during the pandemic, but trust me, being in a relationship is no picnic either.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, couples are struggling to celebrate in the face of the current pandemic and economic crisis.

If your relationship dynamic includes a spender and a saver, conflict may arise. It is important to remember that for some students, unnecessary spending is not an option. Couples should maintain an open dialogue about finances because a lack of transparency could be a major source of relationship stress.

Although you may not be able to dance the night away or blow some bands with your special someone, your date night can still be just as vibrant and romantic. Here are some ideas on how to make it work:

Home-painting kits or other crafts offer a fun way to spend time with your cutie from the comfort of your home. Certain brands like, “Love is Art” offer a way to create an artistic testament to the bond you share. You can bring the canvas into the bedroom using non-toxic paints to shape a striking painting and capture the love you made this Valentine’s Day.

Recreate a restaurant-style environment in your dorm or apartment, and hire your roommates or suitemates as servers. If you have a kitchen, chef up your best dish. Even if it’s buttered noodles, I’m sure your partner will appreciate the effort. If not, takeout from the dining hall is always an option. Your single roomies and suitemates will be happy to profit off a holiday they are too bitter to celebrate, so throw them a couple of bucks to help out. Maybe you can even enlist some Frost students for an intimate, table-side serenade.

Take a virtual tour of the Lowe Museum. The pandemic has curtailed your art hoe partner’s visits to admire the university’s very own collection. However, thanks to technology there are many digital experiences offered on the Lowe’s website, such as “Hidden Stories – New Voices” and “Nexus: Contemporary Art from Leading Miami Collections.”

Learn to lean on each other and release stress by registering for yoga. Every Sunday at 10 a.m. yoga classes are offered at Lakeside Village Green. Couples who engage in physical activity together are generally happier and more emotionally bonded.

Even with social distancing encouraged, COVID-19 can’t keep Cupid away.