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Meet DillBoss, the 21-year-old St. Louis native with a mission to ‘make music without the antics’

Photo credit: Courtesy of Dillon Scott

Dillon Scott, who goes by the stage name DillBoss, is a junior marketing student at the University of Miami. A self-driven artist signed to Cane Records, Frost School of Music’s student-run record label, his love for music motivates him to balance his academics with the pursuit of his dreams.

After the unanticipated success of a few of his releases, Scott became even more determined to one-up himself and keep improving. He dropped his first mixtape during his freshman year of high school, then went on to release his first album, “BossSzn,” during his freshman year of college.

With practice, Scott has grown more comfortable with the music-making process. “My love for the music is what continues to drive me. No matter what else I have going on, I will still be making music.”

Jordan Davenport, Scott’s childhood friend and fellow UM student, describes his sound as “North-meets-South.” Each DillBoss song carries a distinctly ethereal feeling. His melodic stanzas can be compared to PnB Rock, but the universal tones that distinguish DillBoss’ songs adamantly resist being pinned down to any one particular sound or region.

Four years of high school choir helped Scott strengthen his vocals and develop his own unique sound. DillBoss’ music speaks for itself. It spreads fun and positivity without inciting division and was influenced by artists like Drake, Travis Scott, PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd and Lil Wayne, with Scott incorporating elements from their earliest works.

DillBoss has a knack for capturing the feeling behind a beat, and his lyrics never fail to align seamlessly with the melody of a song.

UM students had the opportunity to experience Scott’s magnetic stage presence at his Cane Records showcase at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. He performed two of his favorite singles “Zone” and “Drip Boss Sauce” off his 2019 project, “6ixboss.”

If you missed it, here’s the good news: DillBoss has been hard at work and has lots of great new music and, hopefully, performances to look forward to. Scott plans on working with other Cane Records artists in the future, so look out for collaborations to come.

A young star on the rise, Scott has a tip for those looking to get into music: find your sound and don’t stop. Perseverance is key.

Keep up with DillBoss on Instagram, @1dillboss.

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