Entry four: A guide to an unexpected self-quarantine

Day 13 of quarantine:

Only one more day of quarantine to go! Overall, my experience in quarantine has tested my mental health a lot. The experience I’ve had isn’t unique– I’m sure there are many UM students that find themselves struggling with that area of health because they now live with their parents. It’s alright, sometimes living with your parent(s) can be challenging!

The one thing on my agenda today was to interview for student government. I had to tell my dad, brother, mother, and put away the dog and cats to ensure I had no distractions for a 30 minute interview. Even though I politely told my mom ahead of time that I only needed the dining room for 30 minutes, she still argued with me exactly 3 minutes before a professional interview. Our reality is just going to require more effort, whether that be in taking safety precautions or learning to adapt to other people in your quarantine space. The most important thing to remember is that even though you may be isolated, you are not alone in your experiences.

My brother is also home. He goes to Terra Environmental School in Miami-Dade county. He was quarantined once I came home and subsequently his school transitioned to online. So far, he’s handling being home well. He’s doing his homework and scanning it in. I’m still waiting on finding out when my classes are for UM.

After quarantine, I don’t have any plans. Even when my quarantine is done, it’s still not safe to be parading around Miami. Unfortunately, my mom is immunosuppressed because she had a kidney transplant, so she’s very high risk. I’d be alright if I got sick, but she might lose her kidney or worse. I’ll probably have the most minimal outings- Target, Publix, etc. The beaches, movie theaters, stores, gyms, bars and restaurants are all closed, so I’m not sure what that really leaves to do in public. Everything went downhill after Sarah Palin revealed herself on “The Masked Singer.” What I’ll do to maintain some excitement for the future is look forward to my Disney trip in June. I can only imagine the joy when everyone returns to normal life.

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