Entry three: A guide to an unexpected self-quarantine

Day 12 of quarantine:

As most of you know, Miami has officially closed the beaches, restaurants, bars, concerts, and movie theaters. Today I noticed a steep decline in morale amongst my friends. After texting, Snapchatting, and Facetiming friends, everyone seemed the same: bored out of their minds and depressed. It’s understandable to feel this way when it seems like armaggeddon outside. Today, if the coronavirus never happened, I would have just returned from Lisbon and spent St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin with my URome friends. My mom’s attempts to make us an Irish meal just made me sadder as I envisioned myself drinking a tall beer in a crowded bar with my friends somewhere in the streets of Dublin.

I have faith in Gen Z because if there is anything we can do, it is handle global scale problems. We just say “it be like that sometimes,” laugh, and keep moving forward because that’s who we are as a generation. Everyone will struggle through these challenging times. It is what it is. It’s so important to remember that this will not last forever; quarantine will be over one day. Keep doing what you love to do. Binge Netflix, go for a run, cook a healthy meal, paint, Facetime, play all the video games you want and focus on your mental health. Keep calm and don’t buy all the toilet paper you can find.

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Featured graphic by Julia Sanbe.