V’s Take: Love yourself or nobody’s gonna love you

As you may or may not know, but probably do know because I share way too much about myself with my fans, I am in a relationship.

Despite being in this relationship for almost the same amount of time as one season of Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve recently made a new discovery about my love life – you have to love yourself first.

Throughout this coupling I’ve written about everything from respecting your partner’s pace to dealing with your bae going away to buying condoms in a Target. Looking back (at it), I think I could have dealt with some of these things differently.

I love my significant other more than words can describe, and a lot – maybe even too much – of my happiness and stability comes from our relationship.

It is truly amazing how somebody can come into your life and you can forget how life was before them. And while I think that is amazing and speaks to the strength of my relationship, it has caused some issues.

Over the last week, I have realized that I need to love myself first. I need to be responsible for my own happiness and bliss, and I shouldn’t rely on getting that solely from someone else. Just think of that happiness you get from your partner as the cherry on top of your own creamy, luscious, thicc self-love sundae (just don’t pop the cherry).

Putting yourself and your self-love first can make any situation a lot better because you are able to give your partner the space he or she needs to continue to grow as an individual. Filling yourself up with love also relieves the pressure your S.O. might feel to make you happy all the time.

For example, if your bae goes away for a weekend, don’t be sad and miss them or be jealous that you’re not with them. Instead, be happy they are getting a much-needed break.

This can apply to everything and anything, and hopefully thinking like this will make my relationship and your relationships much stronger.

For all you single folks – if this was too mushy-gushy for you, I’m sorry. I’ll be back next week with something that pushes the limit of what a college publication can print.

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