Loss disappointing, but outlook bright

During a stretch that has them on top of the ACC Coastal Division, UM’s football team headed to Soldier Field to fight  the luck of the Irish on Saturday night in Chi-town.

But they did not come home with a pot of gold. Instead, they got crushed. And of course, social media and sports commentators began tearing UM football to shreds. But losing to Notre Dame, the now No. 7 football team in the country, should not be considered a season-ending defeat.

This team is full of talent, but they’re a new team – skilled, but not polished. Ups and downs are to be expected, and some games will be lost. The Canes have won four of the last six games, and the losses have been to two top 10 teams, Kansas State and Notre Dame.

Although those losses were significant, the teams are not part of the ACC. Namely, it doesn’t affect the Canes’ chance of playing in the championship game.

As students at the University of Miami, we stand by the U. We want our football team to be nationally ranked, but understand that there is still a lot of work to be done. Al Golden has only been with Miami for two years, and was forced to restore a team and a program that fell apart after alleged accusations made against former UM booster Nevin Shapiro.

Between Shapiro’s upcoming verdict and endless hours of practice, Golden must continue to look ahead. None of the players or coaches have made excuses for their mental errors and sloppy plays that have resulted in two losses. But none of them are dwelling on it either.

During the team’s pre-season games, sports experts predicted the Canes would have a rocky and unsuccessful year. But we have risen, time and time again, proving that our outlook is bright and our drive is endless.

This is not something that takes place overnight. We still have a long way to go, but already a year and a half into the Golden regime, the team is growing up and changing to fit a tougher, more physical mindset.

A loss like this weekend’s, in a prime time matchup over a hated rival, is disappointing. But don’t let that keep you from what this team will one day be capable of.


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