New director takes the lead at the Butler Center

New head of Butler, Andrew Weimer. Adrianne D'Angelo//The Miami Hurricane
Adrianne D'Angelo//The Miami Hurricane

Hailing from Seward, Neb., where he and his family resided on five acres of land, Andrew Wiemer is not just a “small town farm boy,” but the new director of The William R. Butler Center for Volunteer Service and Leadership Development.

Don’t be fooled by his small town origins, Wiemer claims to have always had the “heart of a city guy…[who] love[s] being in a place with a culture of diversity, where all languages are spoken.”
Not only does he love big, culturally diverse cities, he also has big plans for the Butler center.
“I want to make us visible to the whole campus community,” said Wiemer.
Additionally, Wiemer hopes to improve the Butler Center its visibility by “gaining student feedback, increasing overall student volunteerism, and raising awareness of the Butler center’s services.”
He is aware that these goals don’t happen overnight, but he is working on them diligently while also coordinating and planning future events. Despite long-term goals and a clear vision of the future, his daily work is not as outlined as his tasks and goals are.
“Every day is different in its own unique way, but I enjoy it,” said Wiemer.
From his high school days through graduate school, Wiemer has always been community oriented through his nonprofit organizations and his work as a resident assistant at Doane College in Nebraska. With his experiences, Wiemer hopes to instill his civic mind to all the students of the university.
“You must understand all the issues that surround that community and how can one make an impact on the community as an active citizen and leader,” said Wiemer. “This is how you get a first hand look of how the community works to grow and become a leader.”
As a new leader in the UM community, Wiemer hopes to fully involve himself through charity and to experience the vibrant culture of this metropolis.
“My first time in Miami was for the interview,” said Wiemer.
He hopes to get a taste of the food, art, music and entertainment, and spend time buying some more Express clothing due to his self-proclaimed addiction.