Weekend Playlist 2.0

“Magic (Mark Ronson Remix)” – Robin Thicke, Wale, Mary J. Blige: Mark Ronson throws in his signature horns for a soulful and upbeat remake of Robin Thicke’s latest single. Keep your ears peeled for a few Wale quotables.

“Dead & Gone” – T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake: Though the subject matter is a bit somber, JT does his best “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight” impression in between T.I.’s war stories.

“Beggin” – Madcon: This one may be under your radar (unless you’ve been listening to Norwegian radio lately) but it has all the makings of a crossover pop hit. Body-rocking production? Check. Catchy hook? Check. Norwegians rapping in English? Double check!

“I Love College” – Asher Roth: In case you’ve been down in the dumps about spending most of your life in the Stacks this week, this song is sure to get you excited for the weekend and remind you that “time isn’t wasted/when you’re getting wasted.”

“Love Lockdown” – Kanye West: Kanye kicked off his new album campaign with an epic performance of this song at the VMAs with a glow-in-the-dark drum line. Now the song is No. 1 on iTunes. Seems like K-Pain and his trusty vocoder have just made lost love sound catchy.