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September 21 , 2023

Fashion 4Word

Laptop Covers
Taking a glance around your lecture hall, you might view a splash of color amidst the sea of downturned heads taking notes. You realize it is a laptop, though you wonder how your fellow student transformed their MacBook into a vibrant creation. Ponder no longer. Companies like GelaSkins offer their chic wares for laptop users as a way to customize and protect computers from bumps and scratches. Made of thin vinyl adhesive, these covers can be removed and reapplied with ease. They thankfully do not leave any residue behind, so you are able to change the style of your laptop on a whim. On campus, students sport solid colored or patterned designs on their laptops. GelaSkins offer unique works by up-and-coming artists from around the world, so your precious laptop will be a guaranteed original.

Patterned A-Line Skirts
Miami students keep it classy with sweet, patterned A-line skirts. With the popular fit falling just above the knee, these skirts are a throwback to the conservative times of the 1950s. However, since these are University of Miami students strutting with this stylish garment, there is inevitably a twist on the trend. Bright colors and bold patterns are plentiful, lending a bit of fun and panache to this sophisticated style.

Oversized Sunglasses
While temperatures begin to drop in other states, the sun continues to blaze brightly over Florida. After all, there is a reason it is known as the Sunshine State. Therefore, Miami students accessorize accordingly. An abundance of large, black sunglasses can be seen at just about any spot on campus. Expertly propped atop their heads, students sport their chic shades for both style and function. Brands ranging from Prada and D&G to less-pricey Forever 21 are worn across campus.

Embellished Ballet Flats

The simple black ballet flat is out of style, as new embellished versions take center stage. Students can be seen sporting these flats paired with a trendy dress or pair of shorts. There is a wide spectrum in the type of enhancements on this popular type of footwear. Jeweled adornments, bows, sparkly sequins, and new toe shapes are a few new additions to the repertoire of the classic ballet flat. A versatile pair of shoes is a necessity for girls, so be sure to find a pair that meets your stylish needs. Join in on this hot trend which will prove to remain popular for seasons to come.

Danielle Kaslow
Senior EDGE Writer

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