Entertainment News Rundown

Britney won’t do it again…this year

The princess of pop is on the rebound – hitting the gym, laying off the Frappucinos, and scoring some visitation with her sons. But don’t count on Britney Spears returning to the stage any time soon.

“Contrary to media reports, Britney was never slated to perform on this year’s VMAs,” Larry Rudolph, Brit’s longtime manager, said in a statement. Instead, the singer is working on her next studio album.

Hollywood mom’s tell-all

If you thought Matthew McConaughey’s shirtless paparazzi pics were special, wait until you meet his mom Kay. In the Hollywood mama’s new book I Amaze Myself!, the elderly Ms. McConaughey divulges about her sex life with her husband.

“On Monday mornings, he and I often said goodbye by making love,” Kay told US Weekly. “But one day, all of a sudden, it just happened. I knew that something was wrong, because I didn’t hear anything from him. Just nothing. But it was just the best way to go!”

Changes on “American Idol”

Ready to feel old? American Idol is going into its eighth season! Producers are hoping to spice up the show a new judge. And with whom will Paula Abdul will have to compete for Simon’s affection? None other than her old roommate: Grammy-nominated songwriter Kara DioGuardi, who has penned hits for Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera and Disney’s Camp Rock.