Trendy bowling lounge to open in South Miami

The weekend agenda for many Miami college students involves reserving a luxurious “table” at a club, fine-dining and enjoying a high-energy night of dancing after sunset. By this October, they’ll be able to do all of this and more at none other than a bowling alley, located approximately one mile from the University of Miami. 

Splitsville, a luxury bowling lounge, is expected to open its doors in South Miami’s Sunset Place on October 15. 

Guests will be able to enjoy “luxury seating” in one of the four themed seating areas, receive “full bottle service,” high-end sushi or filet mignon or lounge at a wood “pod,” where they can “eat, drink and bowl” while listening to music.

The lounge caters to everyone, from families who want to go bowling in a luxurious environment, to adults or college students who want to indulge in quality food, a few drinks or dance the night away, according to Dwayne Mcquillen, assistant general manager of Splitsville.

“It’s the perfect atmosphere for college socializing,” said Mcquillen, adding that the lounge boasts a VIP area and dance floor. “We’ll be sponsoring college functions.”

Splitsville’s bowling aspect inspires a more athletic, active atmosphere than an ordinary lounge or night club, said Mcquillen, which is why it’s a “great place to watch sports.”

“It’s a party atmosphere,” he said.

Splitsville of South Miami is planned to be the second location for the lounge; the first opened in Tampa five years ago.

To learn more about Splitsville, visit

To apply for a job at Splitsville of South Miami, go to suite 154, across from Nike Town, in Sunset Place. 


Price Range: “Moderate,” said Mcquillen. “They’re not as high as South Beach prices.” 

Music: Eclectic

Hours: Mon-Thurs.: 4pm – 2am, Fri-Sat.: 11am – 5am, Sun.: 11am – 2am

Food: Sushi, gourmet pizza, hand-cut filets, slider sandwiches, tapas