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April Fools!

SAT exam to undergo drastic changes, years too late for university students...

Maddie Bassalik, Morgan Champey, Riley Doherty, Tayeba Hussein, Jacob Pereira, Harry Quillen, Sarah Perkel and Caroline Val contributed to the reporting in this article.Having taken the SAT four times...

Op-ed: The university made a mistake in hiring Alex Azar

Hearing that the Miami Herbert Business School hired Alex Azar, former President Donald Trump's Health and Human Services Secretary, we both reacted with a mix of horror, disgust and sadness.

UM Middle East scholar Bradford McGuinn gives insight after Taliban takeove...

"Decisions at the highest levels of leadership are both difficult and consequential: difficult because they often involve choices between bad options and consequential because their impact will be felt in very tangible ways."

Election 2020: How U voted

We’re taking the pulse of the campus to share your thoughts and experiences about voting in what has been called one of the most contentious and pivotal presidential elections in U.S. political history.

The Miami Hurricane