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Friday, March 1, 2024
March 1 , 2024

Meningitis outbreak spreading throughout Florida

Officials from the Florida Department of Public Health (FDPH) are recommending vulnerable populations to get vaccinated against meningitis, as three new cases of the potentially deadly disease have arisen among young adults aged 18-22 in Tallahassee, Florida.

University of Miami students and faculty required to take flu vaccine as pa...

“Vaccine mandates have been the law of the land since 1905 in Jacobson v. Massachusetts and these have been held up again and again,” said Dr. Timothy Loftus, the Health Disparities Project Fredman Family Foundation practitioner-in-residence and lecturer in law at the UM School of Law.

The Rat celebrates its grand reopening after a year of strict COVID-19 regu...

During the all-day celebration, employees at "The Rat" offered tired students a break from class with an activity dubbed “Stuff a Plush.” Attendees stuffed fluffed animals, such as turtles, sloths and more, taking some students back to their adolescent adventures to Build-A-Bear.

Pandemic perspectives: Back to the stadium

“It was exciting to kind of get back to normal; the campus was more lively; but rules on masks and things of that nature are inconsistent,” said UM Football wide receiver Jarius Howard, a junior majoring in broadcast journalism.

Aspiring pediatric nurse and gymnast Sarina Battacharya excited to begin st...

Sarina Battacharya, an incoming freshman nursing major at the University of Miami and an aspiring pediatric nurse, has spent over 14 years training child gymnasts at her local gym in Coppell, Texas.

Words of advice from a graduating senior: ‘choose to your own taste and let...

Bill Chan graduated from the University of Miami in May with a degree in clinical psychology and is pursuing a Ph.D.

Euphonium and bass trombone artist Natalie Colegrove excited to continue mu...

“When I started the band, I felt an immediate connection to my instrument,” Colegrove said. “I loved my instrument more than anyone else, and I tried to practice harder than everyone else because I genuinely enjoyed it.”

Aspiring marine scientist Jetty Porter to enter UM this fall

“There’s a part of me that loves just getting to be out there in the field and interacting with animals one-on-one and really being able to connect with what I’m studying on a personal level,” Porter said.

South Asian students fear widespread COVID-19 resurgence as UM approaches f...

UM is returning to fully-in-person learning for the fall semester, forcing many students to leave family members in dangerous conditions abroad as they return to campus.

UM’s Camp Kesem raises thousands as members seek to reach more camper...

The University of Miami's Camp Kesem chapter is getting ready to "Make The Magic" happen this year for its campers.

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