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April 23 , 2024

The U.S. should welcome displaced Haitians instead of attack them

Many Americans are shocked to witness yet another atrocity taking place at the southern border. But, to many Black people, the abuse of Haitian refugees at the Texas-Mexico border is just another in a...

Why we need to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID

While we advocate vaccination for all people for whom it is available, the decision, ultimately, is yours. But for university students, safety in education depends on a commitment to following safety protocols.

University of Miami’s Haitian community considers causes and effects ...

“It was unfortunately bound to happen given the years of struggle and oppression surrounding his presidency,” said Laura Francois, a first generation Haitian-American senior majoring in public health and French.

When I can get the vaccine, I’ll take it

A community cannot function correctly with half of its population unwilling to follow emergency guidelines as that community faces serious hardship.

Let’s talk about Kyle Rittenhouse

One carries a simple handgun for protection, but a person who carries the long, inconvenient, sizable AR-15 assault rifle that Rittenhouse had, appears to be a premeditated act more than a precaution.

The Power of Organizing

In the light of George Floyd’s untimely, cold-blooded murder, social media helped spread the horrific news.

Jeff Bezos’ new Earth Fund and his journey in climate change

The $10 billion that Bezos repurposed had me questioning: Is Bezos’s fund the best way to solve climate change?

What we can learn from Megan Rapinoe’s visit to UM

It also made it clear to me that UM’s reputation is safe in the hands of our current students and faculty.

California’s new law signals opportunities for college athletes

Although there are experts who think removing the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules could corrupt the game, it's incredibly presumptuous to assume students could carry a four-year college career without financial worries.

The struggles of a low-income student at a private institution

Understanding my financial situation and my position at this school coerces me to think rationally, react reasonably, be prepared and ahead of my classes.

Rachelle Barrett