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March 2 , 2024

Men in tights: Traveling troupe bends gender roles

A dancer glides across the stage, turning and twirling wearing a pastel, beaded-lace tutu. One cannot help but be amazed by the balance of grace and strength. Then you realize that this dancer has hairy, muscular legs and wears a size 14 pointe shoe, a guy in a prima ballerina disguise.

Chocolate Festival

Chocolate seems to be everyone’s guilty pleasure, satisfy your sweet tooth this weekend at a once a year chocolate lovers event. Fairchild Tropical Gardens has paired up with Whole Foods to host the ...

Wiz Khalifa to perform free concert Friday on UC Patio

The “Black and Yellow” rapper is going to paint this campus green and orange on Friday to celebrate the end of classes.

Frost student Tori Tullier brings a “Little Bit of Home” to UM

Walking confidently in her wedges to stage right of the Gusman Concert Hall, senior Tori Tullier was ready to sit down at the piano and perform her song “Little Bit of Home” for the audience at the Bruce Hornsby Songwriting Competition.

Hurricane bookshelf: “College Cooking”

Midterms are in full swing this semester. You’ve had your third night of frozen pizza for dinner and you say to yourself, ‘I’m only doing this because they were on sale’, but you know the real reason-...

Uncle Kracker cranks beats Thursday

Uncle Kracker is touring to promote his new album “Happy Hour-The South River Road Sessions.” This cd is a six song follow-up to his 2009 cd “Happy Hour.”

How to ‘GTL’ in the ‘MIA’

Looking to get away from the normal everyday South Beach vacation? Then heat up your tanning bed, start poofing your hair and hit South Beach “Jersey Shore” style.

Overflow housing forces students off campus

Many students who wanted to live on campus this year were not granted the opportunity- some got off the wait list and found rooms, some went off campus to the surrounding Coral Gables apartments and homes, while 30 other students, and the entire University of Miami Intensive English Program, are in limbo and are being housed at the Holiday Inn until a spot can open up.

Miami Spice: September event offers taste of Miami on a budget

Miami is a great city for the culinary world. International cuisine reigns supreme, and there are amazing restaurants in every neighborhood. These restaurants, however, are usually out of reach for a college budget.

High-performance headphones hit market

The new V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones are one of the newest high-end headphones on the market. Released in early June, they come in a variety of colors and are sure to make a fashion statement while you walk to class.

Nancy Oben

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