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February 26 , 2024

Birds of a feather flock together: Duck couple creates buzz on campus

“They were to be together forever, and they were more in love than I’ve ever seen any human couple”

Annual SportsFest competition returns Feb. 8-9

"SportsFest is an opportunity for communities to be redeveloped and for people who perhaps are on the outside of the communities to become a part of them," Cuellar said.

Commuter students reflect on their campus experience

Kevin Fernandez, a junior that commutes to campus from Miami Lakes, says that he has always found UM to be “very accommodating towards commuter students.”

Gloria Estefan opens Women Leaders of the Americas forum

“Music crosses cultures and barriers and religions, and it has enriched me in so many ways.”

Centennial Village to provide modern on-campus living for future freshmen

The freshmen towers will soon make way for a transformative new era of on-campus housing.

Hanukkah DIY: Sufganiyah

To kick off this Hanukkah season, here is an authentic, traditional Israeli donut recipe for sufganiyah that my father always fries up when the holidays roll around the corner.

UM Global Medical Brigades to provide medical care for Panama’s under...

29 undergraduate students will take a week-long medical service trip to the communities of Tranquilla and El Retiro in West Panama.

UAstronomy Club spends Thanksgiving break hiking the Great Smoky Mountains

Many of the students who went on the trip said the beautiful views made the long days, heavy baggage and freezing temperatures all worthwhile.

A field guide to the birds of UM

Consider this list a comprehensive field guide to identifying UM’s feathered friends.

UThrift: UM’s mobile thrift store

One of the Green Committee’s newest initiatives, UThrift, seeks to help students reuse and recycle clothes instead of just cans.

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