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Thursday, July 18, 2024
July 18 , 2024

Office active in university

The University of Miami Dean of Students Office and Honor Council do a whole lot more than just investigate violation claims of the University Honor Code.

Dean Hall ‘confident’ transportation to Coconut Grove will retu...

University of Miami Dean of Students Dr. Ricardo Hall is optimistic the Ibis Ride shuttle to Coconut Grove will return next semester. In just what capacity is the only question.

Honor society Alpha Lambda Delta initiates record number of students

The Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, an honor society that recognizes high-achieving freshmen at the University of Miami, inducted a chapter record, 417 freshmen, on Mar. 31.

Honor Council prepares for Academic Integrity Week to raise awareness of Un...

The University of Miami Honor Council will host Academic Integrity Week from April 16 to April 18 in hopes of raising awareness of the University Honor Code, ratified in 1986 to encourage and protect academic integrity.

University cutbacks won’t affect Ibis Ride

Despite the wide range of actions being taken by the University of Miami to cope with the struggling economy, the beloved Ibis Ride is in no immediate danger of facing frequency shortages.

Mike Pindelski

Contributing News Writer