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July 22 , 2024

Spirit tree an integral part of campus, festivities

Although the Spirit Tree was replanted two years ago after hurricanes in 2005, it still remains a part of the University of Miami Homecoming tradition.

UM doctorate student strives to save the sharks

A  six-foot-eight-inch hammerhead shark skims the surface of the ocean, lurking closer and closer to the stern of the boat and its 22 passengers. This is not a sequel to the 1975 shark att...

Four new faculty masters at UM residential colleges

Every residential college at UM, besides Mahoney, recieved a new faculty master .

RSMAS studies Carbon Sequestration

The University of Miami was awarded $1.7 million to study carbon sequestration

Engineering degrees offer greatest starting salary

Four years of studying, one pricey private school education and a bachelor’s degree – how will it all pay off in the job market after graduation?

Orientation experience tedious, exhausting

There is but one word to describe the first week of the UM freshman experience: tedious. Floor meetings, ridiculously early mandatory seminars, prancing around behind a group leader carrying a customized poster on a stick, unconvincing attempts to play the name game and mind-numbing assemblies – quite the first impression.

Leanne Comey

contributing writer