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July 18 , 2024

UM junior Rachi Relos gifts a piece of herself with debut EP

From the minimal makeup look and simple, yet elegant photoshoot featured on her album cover transporting fans straight to a tropical vacation, this project’s calm and tranquil instrumentals are a breath of fresh air that clean the slate and pave the way for a new era of Rachi Relos.

“Beading in Style”: UM sophomore creates waistbeads company

“Beading in Style,” a student-led company founded at the University of Miami, reflects sacred Nigerian values and focuses on educating the community on the origins of the popular accessories.

From memoirs to poetry: read these 15 books by Black authors

From young adult to memoirs to poetry, the collection of Black-authored literature is limitless. Check out some of The Miami Hurricane’s recommendations for the month of February and beyond.

Student org Hairology makes history with debut hair show

The hair show took its audience on an educational journey through the history of natural hair. From Africa to the Caribbean to Latin America, cultural hairstyles paired with stunning visuals and popular songs had the crowd singing and dancing along.

Influencer “Trippin’ With Tarte” trip stirs controversy

While some fans enjoyed seeing their favorite influencers collaborate in an extravagant location, the trips raised eyebrows. Some questioned the act of flying influencers — not makeup artists —round trip in the business class seats.

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