UM junior Rachi Relos gifts a piece of herself with debut EP

Photo credit: Rachell Soler

Calling all healed, soft-life girls! If you’re at a pivotal moment in your life where you’re reaching peak emotional maturity, you’re going to want to stream Rachi Relos’ debut EP “Piece of Me.”

The trapsoul latin-infused songs portray the transition from a wounded lover to a confident leader who is no longer afraid to face her true feelings.

Junior broadcast journalism major Rachell Soler — who goes by Rachi Relos — experiments with different sounds and teams up with artists such as Motolani and Neaux. Before putting out any music, Relos assesses how her music and her brand will be perceived.

“I release music based on the seasons I’m in,” Soler said. “‘Do Me Right’ was the season where I was discovering this dude that I liked and I wanted to write a song about how I was feeling.”

Soler released the single “Do Me Right” in 2022. Since then, the transition in her music has been life-changing.

On this latest project, Soler brings listeners along on a journey of emotional maturity that will transform their dismissive, childish mentality into one willing to put in the work.

The project’s lead single “Love Me Better” demonstrates Relos’ acknowledgement of her self worth and reluctance to compromise to settle. She shares her raw emotions while professing her love and creating boundaries.

Spanglish song “Lluvia y Fuego (Rain and Fire)” paints an image of the highs and lows experienced in life. Soler expresses that through all adversities experienced, her love for life never shakes.

The track closes out with a sample from Jermaine Edwards’ song “Beautiful Day,” which recently came back into the spotlight after a cover from Jamaican artist Rushawn. The lyrics “Lord I thank you for sunshine / thank you for rain / thank you for joy / thank you for pain” illustrate her growth and openness with her religious journey.

This message stood out to me the most. As we navigate life’s turbulent waters, it’s essential to find what grounds us and to embrace what brings us peace.

Rachi Relos hopes to continue sharing her positive messages intended to uplift her listeners through her trap soul sound infused with Latin flair.

“Piece of Me” Relos gifts her listeners with an opportunity to experience a different side of her on a deeper level.

From the minimal makeup look and simple, yet elegant photoshoot featured on her album cover transporting fans straight to a tropical vacation, this project’s calm and tranquil instrumentals are a breath of fresh air that clean the slate and pave the way for a new era of Rachi Relos.

As a faithful listener, I am excited to hear what she will surprise us with next.

Rachi Relos’ “Piece of Me” is now available across all streaming platforms.