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April 19 , 2024

Student becomes own boss

With graduation just a few weeks away, seniors at UM are preparing for the next chapter of their lives. Law school applications have been filled out, apartment leases have been signed and resumes have been submitted. Senior, Jacqueline Boss, however, has not done any of these three things. Unlike many of her fellow classmates, Boss has focused on what she does not want to do after graduation – become employed. In February, she created a blog to promote the idea of escaping the boundaries of a nine to five workday.

SAFAC chair learns and benefits from her experience

Serving as the chair for UM’s Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee has given senior Melanie Suaris tougher skin and a thicker backbone.

UN Day advance

United Nations Day has been celebrated at UM for the past four years to honor thediplomatic organization’s charter, which was created in 1947 to promote international peace and cooperation.

African Students Union project Iingcambu

With only two applications for volunteers turned in, the University of Miami's African Students Union is concerned it will not be able to find enough UM students to help on the organization’s community service project that involves mentoring local inner-city youths.

Flippin’ U Out Week

Next week UM's Filipino Students Association will be hosting Flippin' U Out Week.

Hannah Romig

Contributing News Writer