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May 25 , 2024

Students respond to allegations against Joe Biden

Too close for comfort? The man who helped launch the national It's On Us campaign, Joe Biden, has been accused of making women feel uncomfortable.

UM community reacts to the Mueller investigation

“We should not have to rely solely on the summary prepared by President Trump’s attorney general,” he said, noting the nuanced language of the letter. “The report should be released and released quickly.”

UM School of Architecture design studio wins “Building of the Year...

"Building of the Year" Thomas P. Murphy Design Studio serves as a collaborative, open work space for University of Miami architecture students.

How to survive arriving at college not knowing a soul

I remember it well, and not fondly—I sat alone in my dorm room, my mother having just left, staring at the empty bed across from mine. My roommate was scheduled to move in the next day, and I hadn’t m...

Emma Erickson-Kery