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With new grant, ‘305 Give Back Drive’ aims higher

When the University of Miami announced their new Racial Justice Grant program in the summer of 2020, juniors Ivette Acosta and Jacques Calixte were a few weeks shy of their first day of classes at UM. Now, as recipients of this award, they are using the funds to expand their project, the 305 Give Back Drive, which provides school supplies to the local community.

Groceries and goodies: Where to buy essentials around Miami

Settling into a new life here at the University of Miami means settling into new responsibilities. Tasks like shopping for groceries, buying toilet paper and doing laundry are all things that students living apart from their parents will now have to take on. Unfortunately, life at the U — with all of its sunshine and palm trees — still entails vacuuming sand off your floor after a long beach day. To do this, most students utilize the proximity of many stores to get the essential things they need.

Making Miami moves: What to expect during new-student move-in

Moving-in can be hectic with cardboard boxes flung across the room, daunting piles of clothes spread across the floor and one too many trips to the nearest Target. However, the endless treks up-and-down Stanford’s painfully slow elevators will all be worth it, because this a move to the home of sunshine, Pitbull and palm trees. This is your “Move to Miami.” In preparation for new student move-in, here are few things to note as you make your way down to the University of Miami.

University students attend Miami budget hearing to protest budget cuts with...

A group of activists including students from the University of Miami attended a budget hearing on Sept. 13 held by the City Commission of Miami to protest budget cuts in the Office of Resilience and S...

Miami Chicken Company wraps up first month of service after replacing under...

Since its opening, Miami Chicken Company has drawn mixed reviews from students. Charley Pollard, a sophomore majoring in music performance, said he has found a new favorite meal on campus: the Mac and Cheese Waffle Cone. “The texture is very good, and the chicken is very well fried and super tasty,” said Pollard. “The sweetness of the waffle cone and the savory flavor of the mac and cheese really makes a difference, especially with the spiciness of the buffalo sauce.”

Hurricane Productions and Category 5 team up to host Miami vs. Alabama watc...

The watch party began at 3 p.m. As students checked in, they were greeted by volunteers from both organizations and offered free pins, stickers and stick-on phone wallets. Additionally, Whip ‘n Dip provided special, UM-themed ice cream to attendees.

Student media wins big at CSPA awards

Three student publications at the University of Miami received top honors from the CSPA: Distraction Magazine, Scientifica Magazine and The Miami Hurricane.

Whitely to host 8th annual Women’s Leadership Symposium

Participants will have the opportunity to empower and celebrate women in all spaces through the theme “She S.O.A.R.S,” which stands for saw, overcame, achieved, reflected and served.

Student investors reflect on GameStop stock craze

“Investing should not be looked at as gambling.”

Fauci speaks to the UM community about COVID-19

There are a lot of topics regarding COVID-19, and Facui outlined seven of them, beginning with epidemiology and historical background on coronaviruses.

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