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Thursday, July 18, 2024
July 18 , 2024

Republicans must be the voice of the people

“Change.” Two years later, this is still the most accurate word in describing the desire of American voters heading into election day. Yet, rather than an amorphous, indecipherable message long on ...

A bone to pick with the President

The President suggested in his speech after the healthcare vote that “this is what change looks like," referring to his campaign slogan. Well, Mr. President, I can personally assure you that this was ...

Reconciliation is necessary

I am in complete support of President Obama pursuing a course involving reconciliation on health care reform. Yet, the reconciliation I’m advocating has nothing to do with improperly using a rare Sena...

They’re not the political fringe

The reality is that the Tea Partiers are not in support of a particular party, but are opposed to a particular ideology: the belief that more spending and increased government will cure our nation’s ills.

Daniel Hanlon