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April 19 , 2024

Technology trouble, gadget griefs

Purchase Notice: Congratulations on your purchase of a new personal digital Tchotchke. We know it will provide you with many years of happy, carefree web surfing, reading, game playing, music consumption, and just plain fun! To get started, just plug the included power cord into slot A (see diagram) and wait two hours and push the power button and navigate through the set-up screens and set up an account on our website and register it and then commence enjoyment!

Out with the old, reinventing U.S. politics

Aren’t you panicking? As the American economy crumbles, the world economy falters, crime rises and a communist, black Muslim leads us into a future of new austerity, it looks as if our (other) elected officials can do nothing but groan and hide.

Constitutional controversy obscures issues

A proposal for the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero seems to have struck a raw nerve in American society. Supporters and opponents march in the streets ready to battle not just for control of greater Ground Zero, but also for the preservation of a consecrated U.S. Constitution.

A culture of downsizing – two Californias?

It warms the heart to see such devotion in this age of vacillation. If only more groups around the country were equally fervent in the protection of their rights! Rarely has anyone in this country displayed such an accurate understanding of the principles upon which the Constitution was founded.

This is a free-of-thought zone

To make thinkers and leaders is the mantra to which we subscribe here at the Mt. Olympus of Knowledge.

Proposals for today’s America

Every time a company that calls itself American opens up a manufacturing facility or research center or other such contraption anywhere beyond the borders of the United States of America that company is doing a terrible disservice to this country's economy.

Keeping youth at the forefront

America’s youth aren’t just some expendable resource.

Fright and confusion in the financial crisis

In these days of widespread panic and distrust I, a patriotic and informed citizen, find myself wondering exactly what entity and/or individual should be held responsible for this current international financial disaster.

It could happen: An All-American President?

If this is the first time you've received this invitation then let me be the first to invite you to the inauguration of president Bubba "QB" Smith.

Our ‘democracy’ not living up to founders’ ideals

Between our independence and this new and different age, the American citizenry arrived at the conclusion that true self-rule was simply too difficult.

Andrew Hamner

Opinion Columnist