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Sunday, April 21, 2024
April 21 , 2024

An ode to the art storytelling

When I listen to family stories, apart from being enthralled by the details of a country I’m not personally familiar with, I feel an almost stressful compulsion to remember all the details—dates, names, the exact sequence of events.

Fox news stole my dad

My dad sounds like the Cuban Tucker Carlson, minus the arrogant smirk.

Despite murky motivations, ‘Just Do It’ ad inspires

The cynical side of me couldn’t help but wonder what Nike had to gain from openly supporting such a polarizing figure.

Advocating change with the ACLU

I wanted to use the time I had in a positive and constructive way, but primarily, I wanted to feel like I was positively impacting my community.

Giving a human face to the immigrant experience

Many people seeking to come to the United States are fleeing political conflict or other struggles, but this doesn’t mean their personal plights can be ignored.

Knowing when and how to intervene as a bystander isn’t so clear-cut

I quickly decided that my possible embarrassment would be a small price to pay in exchange for helping these women.

It’s On Us … All of us

Given the nature of the sexual assault awareness event, I was shocked to see fraternity members speaking, too.

Rethink ableist discourse post-Parkland

We’ve chosen to frame the issues of violence and mental health as inextricably linked rather than mutually exclusive.

My ‘feminist’ Cuban mother

To an outsider, my mother’s revolutionary actions would merit the title of a contemporary feminist woman. But don't call her a feminist.

Alexandra Diaz