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May 30 , 2024

Going greek isn’t a necessity

C ollege, in its worse moments, reminds us of high school. We must listen and we must obey and hope our professors deem our efforts worthy of their approbation and grades. Yet there are differen...

Meeting people in our classes

Why is it that we sit in our seats before class and stare ahead as if we are in an elevator? Unlike an elevator, these people will be in the same room as you for the next four months. And herein lies the problem.

To download or not to download?

I read with great interest the opinion article Music: To pay or not to pay? by William McAuliffe where it is claimed that we should not download music illegally off the internet. McAuliffe even claims to be against making mix tapes for his friends. Two arguments are given. One is that to do so is illegal, and we should follow laws. The second defends the anti-copyright law, thus even if making mix-tapes were legal, to do so is wrong and we should therefore not do it.

Health care is moving forward, but is it moving in the right direction?

I shall not bother confronting claims that recent U.S. healthcare legislation is a step towards Stalinism. It is not that I am lazy, but the presuppositions necessary to hold such a view cannot realis...

America remains largely silent on war

It is worth remembering that when the United  States began bombing South Vietnam in 1962, there was almost no domestic protest. By 1968, however, there were demonstrations all over the country, mostly...

The hand U.S. had in Haiti

In a recent piece in The Miami Hurricane, (published Monday, Jan. 25) Anthony Wojtkowiak argued that the United States should instruct the International Monetary Fund to forgive Haiti’s crushing debt. On this tactical question, I agree.

Disparity in wages is not just

Many opponents of the living wage campaign state that such an idea is unjust. They believe people should earn whatever they can, and that the subsidization of a living wage through progressive taxatio...

Adam Bird-Ridnell