Hannah Berner lights up the Rathskeller with hilarious comedy night

Last Friday, University of Miami students gathered at the Rathskeller for a night of laughter and entertainment, courtesy of internet-famous comedian, Hannah Berner.

Gathering almost 4 million followers across TikTok and Instagram, the 32-year-old comedian is well known for her “Giggly Squad” Podcast and previous appearances on the reality show “Summer House.”

The Rathskeller quickly filled with students excited to hear Berner’s jokes. Upon entry, students were given a ticket redeemable for one food item and a free crewneck, courtesy of Hurricane Productions (HP).

The event, organized by HP in collaboration with the Rathskeller, was a resounding success from start to finish.

Months of planning and coordination went into choosing Berner as the guest comedian. From arranging audio and lighting to booking and contracting a comedian, immense detail went into perfecting this event for students. Emphasis was placed on specifically wanting the guests’ comedic style to resonate with the student body.

“We wanted to make sure that whoever we chose this year was a comedian, first celebrity second,” said Salvatore Puma, chair of the Rathskeller Advisory Board and one of the students part of the planning process, said. “We saw Hannah’s content on Tiktok, and she seemed like the perfect fit for our students.”

Berner’s set focused on a variety of topics, from anecdotal jokes about bachelorette parties and relationships, to the unique experience of living and studying in Miami. Her witty humor and relatable stories definitely landed with attendees, who eagerly participated in the Q&A portion of her performance.

“I liked how she had a feminist aura and brought that into her jokes,” said Marley Cain, a senior studying marketing and human resource management. “I was excited when she answered my question and liked how she gave positive reinforcement to the crowd.”

Students described Berner’s set as fun, young and raunchy, perfect for UM students.

“I have never been to a comedy show before, so I went in blind, but excited to see what she had to offer,” said Malley Mcguire, a senior studying biomedical engineering. “I really liked hearing what her bigger fans wanted to know from her during the Q&A portion, and I’m glad I went.”

Reflecting on the evening’s success of the evening, organizers expressed how gratifying it was to see the students engage with Berner.

“There’s something so reassuring about hearing the audience laugh and really enjoy the comedian,” Puma said. “After she got on stage, I immediately knew we made the right choice.”

Puma attributes the success of the event to his entire committee, especially the Rathskeller employees.

“We couldn’t do half the things we do there without all of the amazing employees,” he said. “They made the event go way smoother than I ever could have imagined.”

Looking ahead, both HP and the Rathskeller have exciting plans in store for the remainder of the semester. With a lineup of weekly events and special surprises leading up to HP’s annual carnival in late April, students can expect even more opportunities for fun and entertainment.