Tragedy, and the coming together that follows

Students walk along Lake Osceola during a candlelight vigil for Daniel "Danny" Bishop at the University of Miami on Mar. 5, 2024.

The Hurricane chose to refer to Daniel Bishop by his first name throughout this article.

Daniel Bishop was many things — Chair of Hurricane Productions, President’s 100 tour guide, Orientation Leader, It’s On Us ambassador and math tutor.

But Daniel, who passed away on March 4 at the age of 22, was best known for his infectious energy and compassion that impacted many students on campus.

Whether he was your orientation leader, tour guide, math tutor or even just spotted running around at one of HP’s various events, Daniel was known to be heard singing from across the room surrounded by laughter that could only be attributed to one of his many pop culture references.

Daniel was a senior majoring in mathematics and psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. He was an exceptional student, having earned a spot on the President’s Honor Roll almost every semester.

Passionate about the subject, Daniel was known to say that anyone could learn math, but many of his friends attest to the fact that it was only because he was the one teaching it.

Daniel started his own math tutoring business in high school, an endeavor he continued throughout his time at UM.

Comments saying “You weren’t just a math tutor, you were a friend to me and I’m glad to have known you” and “You were the reason I started enjoying math and understanding it. I truly can’t ever imagine how hard school would have been if you hadn’t come along to help me” were left on Daniel’s Instagram in the days following his passing.

Teaching was one of his many talents and he was set to begin his post-graduate career at Gulliver Preparatory in the fall to teach mathematics.

Those who knew him, know that he paced his life at 100 miles a minute. From his daily workout routine on the stairmaster to interactions on the steps of Shalala mid-power walk from Dooly Memorial to the HP suite, his friends knew him to be busy — but never too busy to stop for a laugh or quick hello.

His interests and hobbies were just as vast as his many involvements on campus. He was a Swiftie and Broadway enthusiast with an intense infatuation for the Miami Heat, often attending games and events with friends.

As the chair of Hurricane Productions, Daniel led the University’s largest student programming board with a unique compassion and goal to help students make memories.

Daniel was an Orientation Leader for the 2023-2024 ‘Cane Kickoff cycle, where he helped welcome thousands of students and families to the University of Miami.

“Whether it was a 7 a.m. shift or a 10 p.m. event, he came to everything with a smile on his face and a motivation to foster an environment that people can enjoy and relate to,” Sara Ebrahimi, a junior who currently serves as a ’Cane Kickoff program coordinator, said. “His energy was infectious.”

Daniel was also an exceptional tour guide and representative of the UM admissions office.

“He was the ultimate embodiment of what it means to be a P,” the President’s 100 said in a statement posted on Instagram. “His passion, humor, leadership, enthusiasm and joy inspired all those around him.”

The day after the accident, Dr. Patricia A. Whitely, the senior vice president for student affairs and alumni engagement, and Dr. Guillermo “Willy” Prado, the interim executive vice president for academic affairs and provost, sent an email, informing the student body of the tragic loss.

“He was a student leader who would rise by uplifting others. Whatever he did was with authenticity and he cared for everyone he interacted with and tackled each task he undertook with determination,” the statement said.

The Day After

The day after Daniel died campus was quiet. There were no P100s in orange polos teaching wanna-be students how to throw up the U, the trivia lovers traded in pens and paper for candles.

Daniel kept campus running, and without him, everything seemed to have stopped. For the entire week, every HP event and P100 tour was canceled.

Within hours, a candlelight vigil was planned by It’s on Us and held for Daniel on the evening of March 5. Hundreds of students, faculty, old friends and counselors gathered on the second floor of the Whitten University Center.

During the vigil, students came forward to reminisce about Daniel’s impact on their lives. From impromptu bursts of song to sharing how Daniel single-handedly saved math grades, everyone agreed that Daniel was a friendly face and an influential presence more than anything else.

The evening concluded with a walk around the lake, as friends of Daniel walked with candles in hand, in memory of Daniel’s life and impact.

On Thursday, March 7, P100, Hurricane Production and Category 5 joined together to host an event for their members to remember Daniel. In the center of the room, a banquet table was filled with bandanas, a staple accessory of Daniel’s, as well as flowers and paper to write messages to his family on.

The next day, Daniel’s family invited his friends from campus to attend his funeral. The Department of Student Activities and Student Organizations organized a bus to transport students to Weston, where the funeral was taking place.

In the days that followed, friends of Daniel took to social media to share their love, gratitude and shock in losing Daniel.

The Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement, P100, It’s on Us and HP posted photos and statements on their respective Instagram accounts, expressing their gratitude for Daniel’s contributions to their programs.

Friends flooded Instagram feeds with heartfelt photos, videos and comments, showing Daniel in his truest form, smiling with friends.

“I love and miss you so much Dan. You were one of the most incredible people I ever met.” UM student Julian Ramos said in a comment on Daniel’s Instagram. “It was an honor to know you. Rest in peace.”