News Brief: the Florida ballot, baseball and King Charles’ Cancer Diagnosis


Miami Hurricanes baseball is coming back in full swing

The Hurricanes are back in action, warming up for the upcoming season with an Alumni Game at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field on Saturday, Feb. 10th..

Although the official baseball season begins on Friday, Feb. 16, with an opener of a four-game set against New Jersey Institute of Technology, the Hurricanes are getting into shape by playing against their very own as previous Miami Hurricane players make their way back to the field.

‘Canes Baseball fans can check out this upcoming season’s schedule and buy tickets here.


Abortion and Marijuana on Florida’s November Ballot

Floridia constituents will be able to vote on an amendment legalizing abortions as well as the legalization of recreational marijuana in November.

Amendment 4, would provide a constitutional right to abortion before fetal viability, around 24 weeks, or when necessary to protect the patient’s health which is determined by their healthcare provider.

The passing of this amendment will be a win for pro-choice voters, as the current laws make abortion illegal after 15 weeks.

DeSantis also signed a 2023 ban of abortion after six weeks. Yet this law has not gone into effect as abortion providers and the state Supreme Court are currently challenging the current 15-week ban.

However, this amendment impacts more than just Floridians, as Florida is one of the last states in the South with abortion access.

“If the amendment passes, pregnant people would have an additional 9-18 weeks (2-3 months) to decide if they want an abortion. Women in nearby states who could afford to travel to Florida for an abortion would also gain extra time,” said Louise K. Davidson-Schmich, a University of Miami Political Science professor who teaches a class in Gender and Politics.

Marijuana is also making an appearance on the ballot. If this statute passes anyone 21 or older will be allowed to use marijuana recreationally as well as possessing three or less ounces of marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana will showcase a positive step in Florida’s drug reform.

“This should have a positive effect on communities of color because people of color are disproportionately singled out for drug arrests now. Although they use and sell marijuana at similar rates to whites, African Americans are four times as likely to be arrested for possession. Large numbers of immigrants are deported for possession each year as well,” said Schmich.

King Charles Diagnosed with Cancer

King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer and will be taking a step away from his public duties, according to a statement released on Feb. 5th.

This diagnosis comes a week after the 75 year old was discharged after a procedure for an enlarged prostate.

The royal palace released a statement, declaring that during the procedure a separate issue was found, and after tests a form of cancer was identified. The type of cancer has not been released to the public.

Although the King will be stepping away from the public eye, he will continue administrative work from home.