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Billboard Latin Music Week 2023: “Queen of Latin music” Shakira breaks her silence

Shakira onstage at Billboard Latin Music Week held at Faena Forum on Oct. 4, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida.
Shakira onstage at Billboard Latin Music Week held at Faena Forum on Oct. 4, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. Photo credit: Romain Maurice for Billboard

Miami Beach’s Faena Forum set the stage for Billboard Latin Music Week, an annual fiesta celebrating Latin music and culture. From Oct. 2-6, panel discussions illuminated the artists’ professional trajectories, strengthening bonds with supporters and media.

In the exciting ambiance of Miami Beach, attendees created a runway of self-expression through their creative fashion statements. From reggaeton-inspired streetwear to loyal fans of RBD repping their red ties, the fashion-forward crowd created a buzz of excitement in anticipation of the upcoming performances and conversations.

The long-awaited “Hits Don’t Lie: The Superstar Q&A” panel with Shakira gave longtime fans insight into the artist’s creative process, growth, whereabouts and career plans following her break from the studio.

During her panel, Shakira recounted the support she received from friends, family and her fans after her divorce from Spanish soccer player Gerad Pique in 2022.

“[The fans were] by my side, holding my hand,” Shakira said. “That’s how I have felt them — embracing me, comforting me, motivating me, inspiring me. I did not feel alone because I have an audience that has been with me for as long as I can remember — well, in the world of music, since I was 14 years old.”

After the divorce, the fiery singer returned to the music scene with her single “Out of Your League” released in January 2023 with Argentenian producer Bizarrap. The song served as a diss-track to Pique.

“I’m no United Nations diplomat. I am an artist. I’m a woman. I’m a wounded wolf, so leave me alone everybody. Leave me alone and let me be,” Shakira told her team when they advised against her putting out the song.

When asked if she was worried about backlash, she said, “After everything that has happened to me, you start to lose your fear of things.”

Despite the divorce, the proud, single mom of two makes sure to incorporate her kids into her work. Milan, Shakira and Pique’s eldest son introduced his mom to producer Bizarrap, which led to their hit session.

“I listen to them a lot,” Shakira said. “Every time I’m going to put something out, I tell them, ‘What do you think of this song?’ to see what they imagine. With ‘Te Felicito,’ for example, the idea of the robot in the video was Sasha’s, and the idea of the fire was Milan’s.”

While the reigning monarch of Latin melodies hasn’t put out an album in six years and hasn’t been on tour in seven, her support system has supported her return to the recording studio. With the promise of new songs on the way, Shakira is gearing up to create music that will undoubtedly thrill and captivate her ever-loyal fan base.

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