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The ultimate cinematic experience: top 10 local movie theaters

Summer blockbusters like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” had Miami residents flocking to theaters in hopes of grabbing the best seats before they sold out. Between AMC, Silverspot and Regal, Miami’s plethora of theaters offer varied viewing experiences for everyone.

From exclusive snacks and merchandise to affordable prices, here are the best Miami theaters fit for any weekend flic.

Bill Cosford Cinema

What’s better than free? At the on-campus Bill Cosford Cinema , UM students have access to free movie screenings and concessions every Wednesday and Saturday during the semester.

No matter where you sit, you’ll get to experience the Dolby sound and luxury color. At each Cinematic Arts Commission screening, you can enter a raffle for a chance to win film merchandise like Funko pops and T-shirts. The screening schedule is available on the Cinematic Arts Commission Instagram @hpmiami_cac.

AMC Sunset Place 24

A weekend movie-bender can turn into a shopping spree at Sunset Place. The mall surrounding the theater contains a plethora of clothing stores fit for any fashion. When entering the theater, staff members welcome and assist you with any need. Despite not having the most contemporary look, AMC Sunset Place 24 still delivers spectacular quality for a fair price.

Le Jeune Cinema 6

Le Jeune offers a classic movie-going experience. The historic theater opened in 1989, and its classic seats and carpet bring the audience back to the “Golden Age” of Hollywood.

Le Jeune plays modern films with afternoon matinee tickets sold at as low as seven dollars. It also offers an assortment of concessions, including personal pizzas, nachos and iconic candy brands. Le Jeune delivers great films in a theater reminiscent of the birthplace of cinema.

Silverspot Cinema – Downtown Miami

Ultimate comfort for the ultimate movie viewing experience. With surround sound, each audience member at Silverspot can feel every sound every second. The vast lounge holds crowds as they wait for their film, each gathering around the bar waiting for their food.

The theater also validates parking, meaning you can spend more on movie treats such as the delicious sweet and spicy wings or crème brûlée trio.

CMX Cinebistro Doral

If you’re looking for a movie paired with a full-course meal, CMX Cinebistro Doral is the place for you. Cinebistro Doral provides comfortable seating and restaurant staff who deliver drinks, food and dessert.

Start with the popcorn trio, a combination of shrimp, calamari and popcorn chicken tossed in a spicy lemon aioli. Finish off with a sweet treat with the movie candy cheesecake or guava cheese empanada. With incredible film quality and even better food, Cinebistro is the best place for dinner and a show.

AMC Tamiami 18

Indie-film lovers will appreciate this quiet, comfortable theater. The smaller-scale theater seats audiences with smaller screens, providing an intimate moviegoing experience. This is the perfect theater to watch films from smaller productions, such as A24’s “Talk to Me” and Emerald Fennell’s “Saltburn.”

CMX Cinemas Dolphin 19

Looking for the best audience? Dolphin 19 has you covered. The theater is packed with eager fans on a weekly basis. From cosplayers dressed as various Spider-men for the premiere of “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse” to rapid applause for every returning character in “Avengers: Endgame,” Dolphin 19 rivals a colosseum.

With cheap tickets and snacks, be sure to visit this theater to join vocal moviegoers willing to laugh, scream and cry.

Cinemark Paradise 24

This massive theater transports you to ancient Egypt with its pyramids and Sphinx statues. Riddled with hieroglyphics and Egyptian pillars, Cinemark is one of the most beautiful, iconic theaters in South Florida. Egyptian gods will greet you as you get Dibs ice cream with a large refillable popcorn and soda combo.

Though this theater is far from campus, the cinematic experience from XD and D-Box screenings is worth the drive. The brilliant screen shows everything from summer blockbusters to independent films. You won’t find this Cinemark experience anywhere else.

AMC Pembroke Lakes 9

From IMAX to Dolby Cinema, Pembroke Lakes 9 has every viewing experience. Upon entering, the walls welcome visitors with iconic film quotes and celebrities.

Rest in the luxury lounge and purchase limited edition snacks and gifts like flamingo drink floaties to get in the “Barbie” spirit. Viewers anticipating IMAX films should be sure to visit Pembroke Lakes 9 to experience them on one of the largest screens in South Florida.

Regal Dania Pointe

Upon first sight of the giant jumbotrons and animated posters, moviegoers immediately feel the excitement reminiscent of Times Square as the iconic black and orange carpets and leather seats welcome you. Though seats don’t recline in digital screening, the cheapest ticket still delivers incredible sound and color, inviting you to escape and get lost in the film.

Other screening variations, such as VIP Regal, provide reclining seats with free snacks and beverage service, including ICEEs. RPX Regal rivals the quality of IMAX with its uncompressed surround sound and laser projection, bringing better sound and color.

Next time you’re in the mood for some movie magic, head to one of our recommended theaters for a movie viewing experience you won’t regret.

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