UM News Briefs: allegations, applications and addresses

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Pike Roofie Allegations

On Tuesday, Feb. 7 rumors spread across the University of Miami of a possible roofying incident at a fraternity event that resulted in Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) being temporarily placed on cease-and-desist order.

Sources informed The Miami Hurricane that several party-goers believed they had been roofied at a fraternity event but had either not received medical testing to confirm their suspicions or did not want to report tests.

There was confusion and disagreement amongst students about what fraternity was responsible as Pike and Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp) are frequently mixed-up. In a statement to The Miami Hurricane, the Dean of Students Office confirmed that Pike was the fraternity under investigation.

“The Dean of Students Office can confirm that Pi Kappa Alpha was briefly placed on a cease operations order related to alleged social event policy violations. An investigation cleared Pi Kappa Alpha of any wrongdoing, and their cease order has been lifted,” the Dean of Student Office said.

Some believed that the investigation was cleared because the wrong fraternity had been accused, although rumors quickly subsided after Pike was cleared.

“We also hear rumors about other groups but have no evidence of policy violations at this time. The Dean of Students Office investigates all allegations of misconduct. We encourage anyone with firsthand information related to any policy violations to report the information to assist our investigations,” the Dean of Student Office said in the remainder of their statement.

Both the Pike and Pi Kapp chapter presidents did not respond to a request to comment on the matter.

Homecoming Executive Committee Applications

Applications for the Homecoming Executive Committee (HEC) are open on HEC commits to planning and executing UM’s Homecoming week, the university’s oldest tradition. Applications are open to all undergraduate ‘Canes until Sunday, Feb. 19.

“Homecoming was one of the first experiences that truly made me feel a part of the UM Community and showed me the magnitude of what it means to be a ‘Cane.” Tatiana Alvarado, a senior studying legal studies and political science, said. “Becoming part of HEC was my way of paying it forward to the next generation of ‘Canes hoping to continue to build a legacy and improve tradition.”

UM Alternative Breaks applications

Applications for UM Alternative Breaks (UMAB) are open until Feb. 17. UMAB is a student-led, student-run organization that sends students on trips across the country every fall and spring break to work with a variety of social justice issues including the stigmatization of mental illness, LGBTQ empowerment, and poverty and neighborhood revitalization. The program serves to provide diverse, quality alternative breaks to engage participants in their local, national and global communities.


FHSAA strikes questions about female menstrual history

The Florida High School Athletic Association voted to withdraw questions about female athletes’ menstrual history after listening to a flood of complaints received in letters that were read aloud during an emergency meeting. The questions were asked in a form given to high school students to fill out before participating in sports.

Some called the questions “humiliating” and “invasive.” Others thought they were connected to a recent bill barring transgender women from playing on public school teams intended for student athletes identified as girls at birth.


2023 State of the Union Address

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union Address. For Biden, the speech was a moment to demonstrate to his supporters that he still has the political skills to compete in the 2024 election.

After spending time bragging about his administration’s accomplishments — keeping drug prices low, increasing taxes on the wealthy, making child care and housing affordable and more — he said he had more to do, referring to a second term. There were no major initiatives announced, a nod to the reality of a divided government.