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Singing in style: Our fashion favorites from the 2023 Grammys

Every year, the Grammy Awards recognizes talented artists. However, millions of people around the world came to watch this year’s show for another reason: the fashion.

When it came to red-carpet and show styles, celebrity attendees met and even exceeded expectations. Fringe, diamonds, multiple colors and dark blue ensembles took center stage. Here is a list of artists that dressed to the nines — or maybe tens!

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Taylor Swift

The midnight blue, two-piece gown that Taylor Swift graced the red carpet with may have been a nod to her most recent album “Midnights.” Beads adorning the ensemble made her dress dazzle and come to life, just like the stars at midnight. The sequins were elegantly placed to create a burst effect, elevated by Swift’s diamond earrings.

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Doja Cat

If you thought Doja Cat’s fashion couldn’t get better after the 2022 Grammy Awards, her sleek Versace ensemble proved many fashion lovers wrong. The latex gown was an evolved version of the classic little black dress, complemented by a one-shoulder silhouette and black latex gloves. Combining styles from different eras — especially the 1960s and 1980s — seems to be a talent for Doja Cat.

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Harry Styles

Aquarius season is here to stay! The variety of colors featured in Harry Styles’ Egonlab Swarowski jumpsuit complimented his colorful album, “Harry’s House.” His other two outfits reminded fans of his proclivity, not only for music, but good style — after all, it’s in his name!

The Album of the Year winner wore a silver Gucci ensemble with serious fringe that added a touch of joie de vivre to his performance. The last ensemble Styles donned was a white Gucci suit with camel trousers and a sequined top. If Grammy artists received awards for good fashion, Styles would have nailed that category, too!

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Timeless elegance is forever linked with Adele after she rocked a red Louis Vuitton gown. The ruffles and textured collar are fit for an artist with her musical talent and grace. The diamond earrings were a cut above and made this look the envy of all the stars present. Adele’s gown made the video of UM alumnus Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson meeting her far better.

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Jennifer Lopez

Captivating, artistic and extraordinary are three words that perfectly describe Jennifer Lopez’s Gucci ensemble. The gown featured some of the more popular colors and accessories for the night — dark blue and diamonds — with a J.Lo spin. Her diamond platform shoes complimented the dress and highlighted Lopez’s taste for style.

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Paris Hilton

Millennial icon Paris Hilton has always been known for fashion, and her Grammys appearance proved that. Hilton’s sequined cut-out gown and long earrings paired well together. In addition, her bright pink lip gloss was reminiscent of Y2K style and made the silver on her dress stand out more. Hilton’s discotheque dress proved to be a “sliving” sensation!

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Viola Davis

Forget about triple threats — Viola Davis is now an EGOT! On top of being the 18th person to reach this status, Davis received her award in a Naeem Khan dress. This dazzling, fringed ensemble was emphasized by the red, blue and silver colors in the dress. While one may think that these colors are basic, Khan’s design was anything but. If you remember Piet Mondrian’s “Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow,” Davis’ gown was the modern, bedazzled version of this work.

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The rosy ensemble Lizzo wore to the red carpet was fitting for the “About Damn Time” singer as it radiated positivity. The roses, tastefully distributed throughout the dress in varying shades of scarlet, took this ensemble to the next level. The outfit mirrored Lizzo’s career in the music industry perfectly: how else does one make a positive statement in fashion? Just ask Lizzo!

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