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Is Måneskin keeping rock n’ roll alive, or is it impossible to kill?

Pop and hip-hop might be the world’s most popular genre in 2023, but the Italian band Måneskin is putting rock back into the running. The cool kids “addicted to rock n’ roll,” as their lyrics say, will love this album.

Måneskin released its third album “RUSH!” on Jan. 20. The exciting new album features seventeen songs, three of which are in Italian. In an interview with BBC, Måneskin hopes to show the dark side of fame, which is heavily reflected in their lyrics.

After winning Eurovision in 2021, the rock band became popular in various countries around the globe. Its popularity surged recently in the U.S., U.K. and Australia where many people still listen to rock music. The increase in popularity in these countries explains why the majority of the new album is in English.

The album checks off every essential box for a hit rock album: killer guitar solos, sing-along melodies that will have an entire stadium screaming lyrics and strong beats that will get your body moving.

Måneskin even incorporates slow, sad songs for when you’re in your feels, clearly seen in the track “IF NOT FOR YOU”. Imagine someone singing “All those crowds / all the music would just fade out / not a sound.”

If you want a windows down, feel-good summer song, “BABY SAID” should top your list. Måneskin has said that some songs on their album, including “BABY SAID,” have been influenced by multiple genres, explaining why it may not be your typical rock song.

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“GOSSIP” is another upbeat song that features American guitarist Tom Morello. The song’s message revolves around the band’s perception of L.A. and how it’s “the city of lies” but still the epitome of “the American dream.”

Lead singer Damiano David and drummer Ethan Torchio have commented on how life in fame is rather difficult and how they’re always rushing around and doing things they don’t always feel good about doing. The lyrics of “BLA BLA BLA” are directed towards David’s critics: “You said I’m ugly and my band sucks / but I just got a billion streaming songs.”

The unique song features a heavy emphasis on the drums and the undertone of the bass guitar, ascending to the song’s final stretch where the volume increases to express the band’s anger toward critics.

While the themes found in the songs may be different from their less popular albums, the melodies are still consistent with previous albums. The idea behind their consistent tune suggests that despite facing criticism, they won’t change their electric, lively music.

Måneskin is currently on tour in Europe, but hopefully they’ll visit the United States again soon. “RUSH!” can be streamed on most music services including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

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