UM sports teams superlatives

Thought we’d switch it up. It’s your turn to make the assumptions. Choose your answer carefully and then check yourself at the end.

1. Biggest flirt

Just wearing those tight pants is flirting.

2. Most athletic

Best endurance, on and off the track. Five stars on Yelp.

3. Most unforgettable

I don’t mean to get riled up on my way to class, but there they are, everyday.

4. Most liked by parents

I feel like when most of your team is from Jersey and Naples, you’re already business trained by age fourteen.

5. Life of the party

Word on the street is they hosted parties after the spring game last Saturday.

6. Most likely to succeed

If I saw one of these women at an interview, I would immediately leave.

7. Most unique

Accent and tattoos, no further explanation needed.

8. Best dressed

Shoe game on point

9. Most dramatic

You can hear the grunting from San Amaro.

10. Best dance moves

Pick up a copy of the most recent print edition to check your answers.