Valentine’s Day Sex Playlist

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, reservations are booked, candles are lit and condoms and lube are flying off the shelves at your corner pharmacy. But one essential ingredient continues to stump even the most experienced romantic partners: the perfect sex playlist.

Music is essential to keeping the blood flowing and bodies moving. But not everyone gets their freak on to the same tempo, and one misplaced note can quickly turn boner’s to bummers and wetlands to dust bowls.

While these songs may not satisfy everyone, they will certainly give you a chance.

“Breathe on Me” – Britney Spears

What’s sexier than Britney Spears breathing in your ear? Okay, not everyone is a Britney bitch, but this upbeat track’s sensual lyrics will remind you to take your time and test the waters before diving in the deep end.

“On The Way” – Jhené Aiko feat. Mila J

If Britney is a swim instructor, then Jhené Aiko is an Olympian. Her easy-to-follow sexual lesson plan breaks things down into three easy steps: “Lick it up, suck it up, vacuum, uh.”

“40 Shades of Choke” – Ari Lennox

It’s hard not to have the lyric “I just want your hands around my throat,” stuck in your head after you and your partner finish waking the neighbors.

“F**k Him All Night” – Azealia Banks

While this one lacks some of the grace found in more sensual serenades, there’s something special about climaxing to a song that references Robert DeNiro, Lizzo, the Little Mermaid and contains over forty repetitions of the line “I’m fucking him all night.”

“On It” – Jazmine Sullivan feat. Ari Lennox

This slowed down sensual track will make you and your lover tune into each other. Let Jazmine and Ari’s soaring velvety voices take you to places you’ve never been before.

“Do Me” – Kim Petras

This one is for the subs and the bottoms. With Kim begging her partner to “do her” and “make her want to be bad,” this sexy pop banger might get your dom top to do the same to you.

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