All the neighborhood parking slots are full

Rachelle Barrett
Plantation and Weston, Broward County, Florida
4:05 p.m. Friday, April 10, 2020

All the neighborhood parking slots are full

Though the weather outside is inviting, the orders are to stay inside. That doesn’t stop my neighbors on Northwest First Street from going out and walking their dogs, jogging around the block, sitting in their garages to have a smoke, and even walk their children in strollers around the neighborhood.

Matter of fact, I realize that because of the stay-home order, more of my neighbors have found the time to do just that. I’ve personally met a handful of my neighbors – from a distance, of course, – for the first time as a result of this quarantine.

It’s a nice sight: seeing the neighborhood so lively.

We’re worried for our neighbors to the left of us. The elderly Italian couple from New York has been nothing but kind to us. Personally, I’m not a neighborly person, but my mother has a wholesome relationship with them to the point where they’ve been exchanging supplies, food, California Reaper hot peppers ordered from overseas as a gift from them to us. They’ve even gifted us their old dog supplies to my dog when their blind/deaf dog passed away. I hope they stay safe during this pandemic.

My family’s neighbor to the right has been nasty to us in the past. However, yesterday when I went out to grab my mail, one of the few activities I’m limited to in this quarantine, my neighbor said “good morning” to me. I assume the good nature is due to the uncertainty of the virus and its future outcome.

This neighborhood is vastly changing right before my eyes.

One thing I do not like is the parking situation. My neighborhood has around 20 parking spots for around 30 houses, with each house owning two to three cars each. We have our own personal parking spots, but the unspoken rule in my neighborhood was “first come, first served” for the guest parking. So now that everyone is home, there is never free parking.Where I’d steal a spot while someone was at work or out late, I now have my car parked on the street parallel to my house with limited room.

Good thing my neighborhood doesn’t tow.

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