Arizona golf courses are ‘essential businesses’

Juan Carlos Ramirez
Phoenix, Arizona
1 p.m. Tuesday, March 31

Arizona golf courses are ‘essential businesses’

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey officially introduced a stay-at-home order as a way to respond to the valley’s growth of COVID-19 cases.

There have been 1,413 cases and 29 deaths in Arizona so far. This executive order by Ducey is an initiative to stop the socialization and contact among people.

Although it is described as an executive order, there is no real bite behind the bark. The executive order says to only go out for “essential activities” but there is no need of proof to show that an activity is essential.

The governor’s order will still allow businesses and jobs that are deemed essential to operate. Some of these include groceries, pharmacies, gas stations and restaurants that offer take-out and delivery services.

Some of the businesses deemed essential are questionable — like golf courses.

The reason why golf courses are still operating is because they fall under the definition of “essential infrastructure operations,” including parks, trails and outdoor recreation areas.

Golf courses are more of a luxury than an essential.

This affects my family directly because my father works at one of those really rich golf courses in Arizona. I even worked there my freshman and sophomore year in college.

I do not understand why these workers have to jeopardize their health and safety for the convenience of people who cannot live without their morning golf session.

If you ask me, it was a way for the governor to accommodate his wealthier friends or connections who need their golfing as a stress reliever.

With this order, schools in Arizona will be closed for the remainder of the school year. Ducey was contemplating opening them up within the upcoming weeks, but this made it clear that they will stay closed.

This order will be effective through April 30, but I can foresee this stay-at-home order to extend well beyond the proposed end date.

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