Seven Oaks families dealing with COVID-19

Cristina Herrera
Wesley Chapel, Florida
8 p.m. Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Seven Oaks Families Dealing With COVID-19

Seven Oaks is a vibrant community within Wesley Chapel, near Tampa, Florida. With a population of more than 3,000, Seven Oaks was once a vibrant hub. Not a day went by when you did not see parents walking dogs, kids playing tag, and teenagers playing basketball. At night you could hear the happy yells of kids splashing in their pools.

Coronavirus has changed many things, but it has not changed the bond of my community on Watermark Drive.

Families communicate on the community Facebook page, constantly making sure each person is well and has their basic needs. Families volunteer picking up groceries for our elderly neighbors who are fearful of leaving their homes.

Families are discovering new pastimes. Children are now going on bike rides with their families, something that I have not seen in a while. Families tend to take a daily walk when the sun begins to set just to get some fresh air and get their minds off these tough times.

Our community has a bike trail that people ride and jog through. Any other time of the year the trail is empty but nowadays people ride bikes and exercise on the trail, all while practicing social distancing.

I personally have not seen my neighbors in about a week, which feels so strange. I am used to seeing them multiple times a day.

Although many people remain inside, every once in a while families sit in their driveways and talk across the street to their neighbors who are sitting in their own driveway. We never would have imagined how this would be how we would spend our days, but we are getting through it together.

Things have definitely changed but people are searching for new hobbies and finding fun ways to spend their days.

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